Monday, December 15, 2008

What was the first Egyptain boat ever?

The first Egyptain boat was made out of papyurus it's purposes were for hunting and fishing. And after a while they made boats out of wood and started using them for trading. But the main thing that the boats were always used for and that was for transportation.

How would the the Egyptains move thier boats in the water?

There are two types of ways they powered their boats. The first way was they used to power thier boats was by paddling. Later on they invent the sails for thier boats around 4000 B.C this way was faster and easier.

Describe the way to build a cool Egyptain boat?

A wood boat would be made the same way boat would be made today except without all of the technolagy. That sounds hard to me. How they would make a reed boat was they would first go out to the delta and harvest some reed. Then they would lash them together and be done.

The bigest badest boat in Egypt?

The biggst boat was 80 meters long and 20 meters wide. Wow that's big. These ships where ment to go out on the seas. That is why they called them seafaring ships. These ships purposes was trading because alot of the time the Egyptains had to go out or through seas for trading routes. Witch means they needed a big ship and thats why they made the sea faring ships.

What is the ways you could build a boat and wich would cost you the least bucks?

There where two types of matterails that the Egyptain boats could be made out of. The first way was to make them out of reed witch is a type of plant found by the delta. This way was was not expensive but you had to do it right or you would be swiming with the fisheys in the Big Old Nile River. But if it you did in my opion by some marical did it right it was a good reliable boat. The second and last thing you could build your boat out of would be Cedar wood. This way is going to cost you big bucks so I hope you have a good job. The cedar wood you would get would be imported. So in my opion I would like the reed boat better.